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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

APSS Media

We at APSS Media believe in connecting hearts and minds through their preferred channels of communication.

We have gained expertise in local and international B2B Demand Generation by executing 300+ campaigns per month and generating 60K+ qualified leads per month.

We love to help start-ups, small, medium and large sizes of businesses across all verticals with our B2B Digital Media Planning and Insights bases B2B Digital Marketing services offerings.

We have the reach to 58 Million+ Global compliant audience with our trusted publisher network.

To help Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers in B2B world, we have 2 technology platforms.

DEMANDINTEGRATE - The cloud hosted platform helping Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers to – Get Visibility, Standardize, Simplify and automate routine Marketing Operations tasks. It is an integrated platform for campaign creation, set up, allocation to publishers, tracking progress, lead delivery, quality verification, compliance check, accounting and feeds to various CRM and Marketing automation platforms. It is also integrated with our Insights platform LIbyAI.

LIByAI (Lead Insights by AI) - Smart Lead Insights Platform that captures and presents the insights for prospect’s and account’s online behavior.

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