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Explainly: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas


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Explainly is an award-winning video production agency serving start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies to create custom, frame-by-frame animated videos for businesses and agencies. Specializing in transforming business challenges into problem solving stories, we become an extension of your team to develop the strategy, scriptwriting, and visual direction that fits your brand, and we bring it together into a video that moves your business forward. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver any style of animation you can think of, from fresh 2D illustrations that perfectly match your brand’s aesthetic, to stunning next-level 3D, live action, and mixed media visuals that make jaws drop - as well as video business cards and personalized interactive videos for unforgettable marketing campaigns. Our process is simple. Every video starts with a captivating, well-written script, sketched storyboards, style frames, and voice talent options. Next, we visualize the look and feel of your video with a fully illustrated storyboard and professional voice over - with many opportunities for revisions and tweaks throughout - before bringing it to life through the magic of animation, music, and sound effects. No templates. No drag and drop software. No cutting corners. From perfecting and scaling your sales pitch, to optimizing web content for any platform, the uses for animated video are endless. It’s time to start grasping the full potential of what video can do for you.

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