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April 6 & 7 2022

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Openprise solves the `garbage-in/garbage-out problem` by automating all the painful, manual processes that your sales automation and marketing automation solutions don`t.

With the Openprise Data Orchestration Platform, data-driven marketing and sales teams can simplify their martech stack with a single no-code platform to automate hundreds of business processes like list loading, cleansing and enrichment, account scoring, and many more.

Openprise is designed from the ground up for CRM, so it has all the best practices, business logic, and data companies need to clean up their data, focus on the right targets, and scale up their operations to grow revenue faster.

Why Openprise?

Boost Campaign Performance - Better segmentation, personalization, scoring, and routing mean more new opportunities.
Scale Up - Cut hundreds of hours of manual effort and shrink your database to save on licensing fees.
Simplify Your Martech Stack - Eliminate complexity by replacing dozens of point solutions.
Unlock the Potential of Your Martech Investments - Data-driven technologies need great quality data. Openprise delivers.

What can you do with Openprise?

Clean Up Your Data
Nothing works when your data`s a mess. Deploy Openprise bots to:

Cleanse Data: Fix typos, formatting, and other errors to improve personalization, scoring, segmentation, and routing.

Normalize Field Values: Standardize fields with your unique values. No more creating 50 keyword filters to segment on a single field.

Dedupe: Dedupe and merge leads, contacts, and accounts based on your company`s criteria. Get attribution, routing, and scoring you can count on.

Match Leads to Accounts: Get the fundamentals down pat for lead routing, attribution, lead scoring, and account scoring.

Convert Leads to Contacts: Automate mopping up after your reps since they don`t get compensated on data hygiene.

Unify Your Data: Get a single set of values across systems. Make that 360-degree customer view a reality.

Focus on the Right Targets
Simplify your martech stack with Openprise. Openprise bots deliver:

Advanced Segmentation: Derive key fields like job level and job function from job title to make lead scoring consistent and meaningful.

Account & Lead Scoring: Test multiple scoring models simultaneously with a scientific approach.

Lead Routing & Account Assignment: No more lead pinball. Create sophisticated lead routing logic based on geography, product interest, previous account history, partner involvement, and more.

ABM Activity Analysis: Show Marketing's contribution to revenue, whether you have an ABM initiative or not.

Data Enrichment: Orchestrate how open source and 3rd party data enters your systems and how it`s standardized to your specs.

Campaign Attribution: First touch, last touch, and multi-touch attribution. Know what campaigns are delivering.

Scale Your Processes
Openprise bots automate the busy and boring work so your team can focus on the strategic stuff

Data Prep & List Loading: Drop in a spreadsheet, and Openprise does the restâ€`it`ll clean up the file, standardize values to your specs and import the data into your sales or marketing automation solution, so you get hours back in your day.

GDPR Compliance: Visibility, control, and access management. Keep your team out of the news and the courtroom.

Exception Management: Automatically detect and correct all the `oddities` in your database.

Any Custom Process: Just askâ€`We bet we can do it.

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