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SocialCow: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas


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Established in 2011, SocialCow helps both local businesses and national brands attract customers through neuro-based marketing methods. Combining neuromarketing methods such as eye tracking, emotion recognition and targeted strategies both online and off, SocialCow's team specializes in putting together the bigger picture.

During COVID closures, SocialCow helped brick and mortar businesses quickly pivot to online selling and across the board, generate a higher revenue in 2020 than in 2019. This was largely due to the team’s utilization of social listening and public sentiment research to develop campaigns that ‘spoke’ to each client’s audience in a way that inspired engagement and ultimately, purchases.

Combining neuroscience with multimedia marketing and innovative thinking, SocialCow offers a strategic variety of services. What makes their offerings even more unique is the outsourced CMO services.

As an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, SocialCow’s founder and lead strategist, Kristina Centnere, works hand-in-hand with companies on the best marketing methods to implement for both short- and long-term success. With over a decade as a business owner herself, Ms. Centnere brings her first-hand experience to bridge the often-large gap between marketing efforts and sales goals. This results in strategic campaigns that address all levels required to attract and retain ideal customers.

SocialCow is excited at every prospect of moo-ving a business to greener pastures.

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