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Masterclass: Neuromarketing to Increase ROI

Masterclass Sponsored by Flying Horse Communications Neuromarketing: How To Use It To Crush The Competition and Increase ROI. The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, creative director, or someone looking to improve ROI, Flying Horse Communications is giving expo attendees the chance to learn about the latest marketing strategy to drive ROI with Neuromarketing. You have probably heard about neuromarketing. If you haven't, all you need to know is that it gives marketers and advertisers who use it an incredible advantage over those who do not.

Neuromarketing loosely refers to the measurement of physiological and neural signals to gain insight into customers' motivations, preferences, and decisions, which can help inform creative advertising, product development, pricing, and other marketing areas.

Pick a session to learn how to best utilize neuromarketing in your business practices. Led by Flying Horse CEO, Murray Steinman, and neuromarketing expert Matthew L. Tullman, these masterclasses will provide keys to creating and testing materials that work with the brain rather than against it.

  • Neuromarketing: past, present, and future

  • Where it came from, where it’s going, how to use it.
  • Neuromarketing down and dirty. Actionable insights to optimize your ROI. What to test, how to test it, and interpret results.

  • Testing Advertising How to maximize your budget.

  • From story boards to finished work.
  • Juicing your fans.

  • Optimizing entertainment content and advertising. How to build a brand fanbase at everytouchpoint - from story boards to finished work.
  • Websites, Apps, UI & UX. Groundbreaking e-commerce study with brain-friendly tips for design across all channels and platforms.

Get the most out of your attendance at B2B Marketing Expo by reserving your seat in this limited-time Masterclass by Flying Horse Communications.