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Masterclass: Modern Day Marketing

Masterclass Sponsored by Sociallyin
Modern Day Social Media & Advertising

In the world of social media advertising and marketing, things have changed drastically in the last few years. The landscape has shifted and new channels have been created. B2B Marketing Expo Attendees get the opportunity to learn about the most up to date trends, strategies and best practices in advertising and content that are essential for any business.

Reserve your session now to learn from Sociallyin’s team, Keith Kakadia,CEO, Nisha Kashyap, Creative Director, and Sociallyin Partners Kaushal Kakadia, and Lorenzo Johnson. Sociallyin will discuss the best way to manage today’s crowded social media landscape while driving ROI. Pick a session below:

11:00 - Tapping Tik Tok and the behind the scenes of brands who get it
12:00 - Social Media ROI and how to measure it for any business
13:00 - How to use your personal LinkedIn to generate leads and stop sucking
14:00 - Social Selling- What is is and how to leverage it in 2022
15:00 - Thumb Stopping content creation in 2022 for Social Media
16:00 - Running Ads on Social Media in 2022. The ins and outs of running a successful campaign and tracking results

Don’t miss your chance to learn how important it is to build a personal brand, practice social selling and use effective advertising. Get the most out of your attendance at B2B Marketing Expo by reserving your seat in this limited time Masterclass by Sociallyin.