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Meet The Exhibitor: DreamzTech

This blog was provided by DreamzTech

DreamzTech emerges as the leading software development company soaring new heights in Blockchain and NFT Development

DreamzTech is an award-winning 12+ years leading custom software development company in the USA with expertise in New Age Technologies such as NFT, Blockchain, Enterprise Mobility, Progressive Web App Platform, Cloud Apps, Data Analytics, Augmented Reality & Custom Web design & development. DreamzTech has been awarded as the winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Program, India’s Growth Champion by The Economic Times and Accredited by BBC, Google and Clutch. CIO Insider’s has also announced DreamzTech as one among the 10 most promising and recommended Blockchain providers. Their global presence in 5 different locations namely, India (Kolkata and Pune), USA (San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, Tempe, New York), Singapore, South Africa (Johannesburg), and England (Watford) has helped them to explore and collaborate with a wide range of talents. To name some of the most prestigious clients DreamzTech has worked with are DHL, CloseBrothers, Nestle Purina, Stanford University, Liqui Moly, PlumRiver, FLSmidth, ByJU’s, and TATA NYK.

What makes DreamzTech Stand out in the crowd?

With a dedicated and highly experienced Blockchain and NFT development team, DreamzTech has aptly dealt with the ever changing and unique demands of clients globally. The successful launch of Whitelabel NFT Marketplace and websites as well as building and developing Custom NFT Collectibles has made DreamzTech a brand name in itself.

The Latest Portfolio in NFT Development Of DreamzTech

1. NFT Collectible Development: DreamzTech is on cloud 9 after the successful launch of their NFT collectible store into the blockchain network. It is a moment of boundless joy and immense pride for the entire team.
The Street Dawg project is a simple yet unique NFT project which is a collection of 3000+ cool street dawgs dressed into super cool avatars. The project is featured with Genesis Drop, the initial public sale offered for the community. It also features a Daily Dawg Drop that runs a lotto and gives users to mint a unique dawg everyday. DreamzTech has currently completed the next version and Street Dawg now has extended its family to Street Puppies and you can win a Street Puppy any time!

2. NFT Whitelabel Marketplace Development: DreamzTech has developed their own White label NFT Marketplace Solution where users can create their own NFT Collectibles and then offer them on sale or auction. The Crosschain NFT marketplace development by DreamzTech allows any business to sign up and create their NFT store and choose the network. For example whether they would like to mint NFT or have different collection mint in different networks to manage gas fees. Complete end to end purchase flow is available along with an auction module. The purpose of DreamzTech was to make sure the user purchase journey is simple. In case any user does not have crypto they can buy using Credit card and in the backend DreamzTech team will do the conversion as required and user can create their wallet run time using the platform.

A Quick Glance at the NFT Services provided by DreamzTech

To execute and display rare Collectibles that includes art, in-game components, music, and attire, hiring NFT developers from DreamzTech who are specialized in developing NFT collectibles and marketplaces will ensure 100% quality at 60% reduced cost and 2 times faster turnaround time. Here is a list of services provided by them:
Digital Collectibles

To get more information you can check out their NFT Development Services from

Check out the wide gallery of other services provided by DreamzTech

1. Custom Software Development: With an extensive experience of 12 years and in-depth domain knowledge, DreamzTech has served industries like Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Utility, Education and E-Learning, and many more. DreamzTech specializes in custom made technology solutions for SMBs, Enterprises and startups with their dedicated team, IT Staff Augmentation and Software Outsourcing.

2. Custom Website Development: With the help of latest frontend technologies, the expert team of custom web developers and onsite project managers, DreamzTech offers the best web development services. The web development services offered by them include E-commerce website development, CMS website development, AR/VR Apps, Chatbox and Voice search, Angular JS development, Node.JS development, React JS development, Custom web app development, Enterprise web based application development. Some of the latest technologies used for web development are PHP, .NET, Python, Node js, React JS, Solidity, Java etc. B2B and B2C Travel Portal, Blockchain Enabled Enterprise Asset Management Solution, E-learning Platform, Real Estate Concierge Solution, Telehealth Solution, Digital newspaper archive solution, Live Video Streaming and Social Networking Websites are some of the recent case studies of web development services done by DreamzTech.

3. Custom Mobile App Development: DreamzTech pioneers in building 100% top quality mobile apps at 60% reduced cost and time. They have designed services for various platforms including Native Mobile App Development, Hybrid Mobile App Development, Progressive Web App Development, Wearables and Embedded Software. Emerging technologies used in developing mobile apps are IoT, PWA, AR, Geo Tracking, Object Recognition, Wearable etc. The various Mobile apps that can be developed by DreamzTech are Online classroom and LMS App, Cabs and Taxi booking app, Mobile game app, Restaurant app, Online Fitness training app, Social Networking app, Telemedicine app, Food Delivery app etc.

4. Blockchain: For business entities who aspire for security, traceability, transparency, automation, immutability and efficiency, Dreamztech, the pioneer of Blockchain development is the right choice. DreamzTech as one of the leading blockchain development companies creates smart contract based decentralized solutions for finance, healthcare, e-commerce, supply chain, real estate, and gaming industries.

Different Blockchain solutions offered by DreamzTech are:

• Blockchain CMMS Solution: This helps to manage asset data, improve asset lifecycle, reduce maintenance cost and ease out the transition from reactive to preventive maintenance
• Blockchain EAM Solution: Helps you to get holistic view of the life cycle of the physical assets of the company thereby enabling you to take effective business decisions
• Blockchain KYC Solution: This solution makes verification and processing of KYC data hassle free
• Blockchain Fleet Management Solution: This helps to expand business productivity, increase transactional transparency and reduce operational costs
• Blockchain IoT Asset Tracking: This helps in mitigating supply chain entropy, tracking asset life cycle and improving visibility and transparency

The latest trend in Blockchain technology is Blockchain as a service. DreamzTech has used this to help businesses and startups to design their own digital products like smart contracts, Daaps, BaaS, etc.

5. Business Intelligence: BI services offered by DreamzTech are helping clients across the globe to handle huge amounts of raw data and analyze them to get useful insight and improved decision making. The BI developers and consultants at DreamzTech can collect strategic business value and overall business health report from multiple origins of data-centric operating environments, including: Machine Data, Enterprise Data, Sensor Generated Data, Social Data, etc. Their BI implementation services like Custom BI and Platform based BI are harnessed upon latest technologies like ML, Deep-Learning and AI.

DreamzTech Products: One of its kinds

Cloud Based Blockchain Enabled Mobile CMMS Solution: Feel the difference of improved efficiency with the power of automation and security of blockchain with our Computerized Maintenance Management Solution. It gives you the power to work from anywhere and from any device even in offline mode. It is the best solution for maintenance management, work order management, fleet operation reports along with preventive maintenance notifications.
• End to End Hospitality Management Solution for Restaurant Industry: Suitable for any consumer focused business, a PWA based ordering and delivery solution that offers contactless check-in, contactless ordering, contactless payment, reduction in guest wait time and many more.
Field Service Management Solution: An IoT and Blockchain based solution that guarantees operational excellence, optimized tracking and productivity, unmatched visibility and transparency as well as 30% reduction of business cost.

A few more products are:

• E-Learning Platform for Individuals and Corporates
Fleet Management Solution

If you are planning to develop an NFT project or Custom Website or Mobile Application, DreamzTech is definitely the name you should look for. With 250+ highly experienced and skilled developers, DreamzTech have catered various industries and delivered several projects based on latest and updated tools and technologies.

To get more information you can check out their Software Development Services from

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