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Keegan Brown: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo California

Keegan Brown

The Definitive Strategy to Show ROI From Your Marketing Campaigns

“How do we know our marketing is generating a positive ROI?” is one of the most common questions marketers get from their CFOs, CEOs, and board. To muddy the waters more, some marketers are struggling with attribution. To add on that, sales teams are constantly disengaged from marketing efforts, getting frustrated with poor quality leads and low close rates.

Join Keegan Brown, CEO of Megethos, for the definitive strategy using manual and automated tools to show ROI, understand attribution, provide better lead quality for your sales team, and have answers to those hard questions from your CFO.

About Keegan Brown

Keegan Brown is the CEO of Megethos, an award-winning performance marketing agency rooted in data. As he was graduating with his accounting degree, Keegan founded two startups that both failed in less than 2 years. Both companies had poor business models, lacked technical expertise, and completely missed the mark on marketing. As a result, Keegan spent the next 6 years developing a deep understanding of the intersection of marketing, data, and technology.

In those 6 years Keegan led paid media and CRO teams at a digital marketing agency, working with enterprise clients in paid media. In the meantime, Keegan completed his Masters in Management Information Systems with a focus in Business Intelligence to connect his client experience with a more formal approach to data analysis and technology. Shortly after, Keegan co-founded Megethos.

Over the last 4 years Keegan and the Megethos team have worked with over 80 clients spanning across B2B SaaS, Higher Education, Ecommerce, and Healthcare verticals and position themselves as a top PPC agency. As Keegan’s most successful venture, Megethos has provided the foundation for a new tech solution to help companies solve attribution problems in their marketing with

When he isn’t driving his team crazy with new dashboards and optimization strategies, he is likely drinking too much coffee, getting lost at the gym, and watching Netflix with his wife and 2 (absolutely perfect) chihuahuas.