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Mars Media LLC: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Mars Media LLC

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We are a creative video solutions company helping brands scale with the use of production. We always love to start the process by learning more about the people and vision of the project. From there we work out the details and our team gets started on the pre-production. In that phase we work on, shotlists, storyboards, scripts, treatments, talent and location scouring. Once we have everything ready we schedule a date. The day of the shoot the crew gets to work setting up the scene/ shot. The director and producer work directly with the client to ensure everything is up to standards and the vision. While filming we follow the shotlist and script but are not afraid to deviate if we see something that may look great in the final video(s). Once we finish shooting we get the footage to our post production team. They get started right away coloring and sequencing the footage. Our projects get turned around in 5-10 days after shooting. Once we send the client the final video we always take suggestions and make revisions until it is Perfect!
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