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Why Attend?

For those looking to elevate their business, stay ahead of their competition & learn how to maximize their brand exposure from industry leaders, the Sales Innovation Expo California is the dominating marketing event on the west coast.

Network with thousands of CEOs, CMOs, & key decision makers over two unmissable days inside the LA Convention Center. See our incredible exhibitors, partners, speakers, masterclasses, product launches, panel debates, innovation awards and much more!

450+ of the most spectacular, industry leading exhibitors showcasing their products...

With explosive growth in the sales industry, it’s virtually impossible to sort through the thousands of business sales “solutions” online. Without stepping out of the office, you can easily expect to spend months researching the best move to make for your sales needs. That's why we bring you The Sales Innovation Expo in LA with over 450 exhibitors to source from; choose from the most innovative and trendy solutions to take your business to the next level.

The Sales Innovation Expo 2022 is a one-stop-shop to compare hundreds of solutions from our incredible exhibitors all under the same roof so you can be absolutely certain you’re making the right decision.

Over 350 incredible speakers reveal the strategies, solutions & ideas that helped them become the leaders they are today

The Sales Innovation Expo gives you access to the same level of knowledge that other sales conventions charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their visitors to see. The key difference is, our show is absolutely free to attend. separate yourself from your competitors by learning the ins & outs of everything the sales industry has to offer.

One of the only events with free masterclasses that keep you ahead of the latest sales trends

Learn how our speakers ascended to the forefront of the sales industry by listening to their 1 of 1 masterclasses covering the topics that will separate you from your competitors. From how to build genuine engagement, to creating value, drawing prospective clients to your website & using social media to multiply your lead generation, and much, much more.

Powered by partners that keep the industry connected, engaged and updated

Our partners set the industry standard for business marketing - dedicated to advancing the sales profession, each partner is devoted to providing the best possible content & events for their members.

Network with thousands of CMO’s, CEO’s, & key decision makers

In an industry characterized by fierce competition and constant technological development, it is imperative that you stay connected. With a pre-qualified, tailored audience of directors and sales leaders coming together over two unmissable days the opportunities are endless - put yourself in a room with top sales leaders from global companies such as Sony Pictures, Adobe, Oracle, Sage and Microsoft to ensure an unforgettable networking experience.

Bridge the gap between sales & marketing

The Sales Innovation Expo is the ultimate platform for any business to streamline and optimize the collaboration of their marketing and sales teams. Seamless collaboration between the two means more reach, more leads, more profit and an unprecedented level of business growth.