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Meet The Exhibitor: Not If, But How & With Who You Spend Your Money

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Not If, But How & With Who You Spend Your Money

The old adage, “You have to spend money to make money” is something we as marketers know to be true. It’s why our services are necessary to every business. However, the outcome isn’t a guarantee. Take for example an up-and-coming law firm that reached out to us with stagnating growth, losing money in trying to reach more potential clients for themselves.

The firm was successful and profitable, and ready to grow and take on more cases. They wanted to boost their marketing and find new ways to acquire new cases. But before we could boost anything for them, we had to find out why the money they were throwing into their own marketing efforts wasn’t paying off.

Over the course of a year and a half with us, they quadrupled their marketing budget and we brought them up to several million dollars in caseload revenue.

The Research

In our initial research, we learned that they had run two campaigns in the past, both with another marketing firm and by themselves, and both had seriously underperformed. They weren’t fulfilling their online potential, so we had to think about how to create new strategies from the previous ones that didn’t work.

We also identified their website as an area for improvement, as well as many mistakes within their previous ad campaigns. Additionally, our strategy was to increase visits to their website and direct calls through paid ads.

A mix of best practices, demographic research, and careful analytics tracking allowed us to map out the client’s customer journey from awareness to purchase decision, find out where they had been falling off during prior campaigns, and optimize every touch point along the way.

Our Strategy

We discontinued their old campaign immediately and built a new one from scratch to stop wasting ad spend. Then we got to work on building a focused campaign that would achieve consistently higher conversion rates and improve the quality and size of cases they took on.

We revamped their digital marketing strategy with a plan tailored to their brand, and their reach grew with precise and targeted Google Ads. We narrowed regions and demographics in their targeting and saw an immense improvement in the quality of leads right off the bat.

The Results

To prove effectiveness, we A/B tested their website at the time versus a landing page we created for them. From this test, we learned that our landing page generated 3x the amount of conversions that their homepage received from the same ad spend.

The geographic and demographic-based campaign yielded clicks, conversions, and, finally, profits from higher-paying cases. Our specific work on their target clients increased profitability per case.

In the first nine months, they grew from $200,000 to $800,000 in caseload revenue.

And, from the 9-month to 18-month point in our partnership, their caseload revenue increased further to several million dollars, as they increased their spending with us.

They were snowballing in the best way possible: investing more and seeing even more returns. They had several cases worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, with a handful over a million dollars. Their caseload increased so much that they had to hire new staff to manage and take on these cases, on which we consulted their software development and personnel staffing.

We credit the success of this campaign where others had failed to our vast experience advertising in the legal sector. It’s not if you spend money, but with who and how you spend your money. The advantage of best practices from seasoned professionals is your best way to emerge above the competition online and bring in the customers you want.

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