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How To Use Copywriting To Help Reduce Your Customer Churn

Customer churn costs companies $136.8 billion annually, but our copywriting strategies can help! A business's churn rate is the number of people that cancel a subscription or stop using the business's product. As customers and clients leave, companies have to create advertisements and entice new ones.

Finding a new customer is 5 times more expensive than retaining current ones. With stronger customer retention, businesses can improve their profits from 25% to 95%. Copywriting is one way for businesses to reserve their resources and improve customer loyalty. We have gathered a few ways to upgrade your copywriting game, save money, and connect with your clients!

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting, at its basics, is any text or writing that helps market and promote your company. This refers to the copy on newsletters you get in the mail, advertisements on social media, or emails from your favorite stores. Copywriting is meant to help build your brand, as well as build brand awareness.

What Causes Customer Churn?

To decrease customer churn, it's important to know the root of the issue. Patrons may stop using a product or service because it didn’t meet expectations. Sometimes, purchasers may have liked the product, but their budget no longer left room for the purchase.

More commonly though, clients leave because of poor customer service or a disconnect with the company. Many also leave because they do not understand how to best use the product or service. You can implement copy that specifically addresses these issues and retains customers.

The Kinds of Copy That Help Retain Customers

Copywriting is an amazing way to gain clicks, views, and sales. However, copywriting is often put on the backburner for customer retention. It may seem less important to market to current patrons, as you want to avoid creating junk mail in your customer’s inbox. However, truly effective copywriting strategies stray far from forgetfulness. You can keep a strong client and stay memorable with these four copywriting strategies:

1. Personalized Emails

Make a lasting impression on your customers with personalized emails. Show that you care about their experience by including their name and comment on their last experience with your company.

For example, if you are an eCommerce dog treat company, start every email by addressing the recipient's dog by name. You can also include a comment on their last purchase. This email could say:

“Dear Patches, We hope you’re enjoying the treats! Ask your human to email back if you want more!”

This shows you care about your customer's experience and that you recognize their loyalty to your brand. People are even asking for more personalized content, as 72% of ecommerce customers would share personal information to receive personalized content.

In the long run, personalized emails help your customer retention, but it also helps in the short term. Personalized emails can increase click-through rates by up to 18%. These clicks are also more likely to turn into sales, as conversation rates increase up to 5%.

2. Comprehensive Onboarding Content

On your company’s end, a sale may be concluded with a press of the “purchase” button. However, the customer's journey has yet to be finished. Purchasers then need to know how to use the product or service. They now want to know the best way to get the most out of their purchase. You can help customers through this process with thorough onboarding copy.

While customers may be excited about their product, if they don’t understand it or feel disregarded, they can be quick to cancel their purchase. However, 86% of people would stay loyal to a company with in-depth onboarding content.

High-quality onboarding content is easy to access and understand. This can look like written tutorials and product walk-throughs. Send short welcome emails with calls to action that are easy to follow, and make sure their first experience with the product is stress-free.

When new customers have a positive onboarding experience, they are more likely to stick with your company long-term. People are also more likely to share their positive experiences with your company, gaining you more long-term customers.

3. Well-Curated Frequently Asked Questions Section

Potential customers often use an FAQ section to learn more about your product or service. However, many return to this FAQ section after their purchase. If someone is confused or annoyed with your service, they may consider canceling. With a thorough FAQ page, they can look it up to find the answer to their question. This will ease their concerns and you will retain a customer for another day.

Don’t base your FAQ section solely on what you think people may ask. Find out what people actually ask by gathering data. Ask your customers to take surveys, and ask your employees what questions they get asked the most. Each employee that deals with customers is familiar with customer patterns and questions. Your customer service representatives and sales team will be a great resource when creating a helpful FAQ page.

4. Newsletters that Know Their Audience

Email newsletters are a great way to maintain a connection with your customers. Newsletter topics can be more niche, as they will go to your current patrons, rather than enticing new ones. Newsletters are your chance to share updates on your company, as well as changes in your industry. Talk about non-competitive resources your customers can use, and provide an inside look at your company's culture.

Show your customers that you want to help them thrive outside of your product or service. Your newsletter can be a great resource for clients, and another way to prioritize a long-lasting customer relationship.

Wrapping Up

Customers, ultimately, want to be seen and heard. Use these copywriting strategies to show you care. Recognize their experience with your company, welcome them to your community, and always be ready to answer their questions. Customers will stick with a company that helps them thrive, and your copywriting can do so!

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