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Masterclass: Are you spending dollars that don’t make cents?

Masterclass sponsored by Rocket Clicks When It Comes To PPC and SEO Presented by Rocket Clicks
Are you spending dollars that don’t make cents? If you're not sure if the digital marketing agency you hired is delivering a return on that investment, read on.

You need to know the basics of your agency's fee structure to better understand the measure of ROI on search engine optimization and paid advertising services provided. Kyle Mealy is the Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Rocket Clicks and will be providing expo attendees with the chance to learn how to dissect your agency’s fee. Reserve your seat today before this session fills up!
• How to tell if your agency balances strategy, execution, and results.
• Which metrics really matter – and, despite what many agencies would have you believe, which ones actually don’t.
• How to set realistic expectations and goals. (Plus, the counter intuitive-seeming sign that your agency is a keeper).

Get the most out of your attendance at B2B Marketing Expo by reserving your seat in this limited time Masterclass by Rocket Clicks.