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OMG Media

OMG Marketing is a full service agency. They primarily work with small to mid sized service businesses. Primarily it has been in the financial verticals(finance, mortgage, real estate) They create sales and marketing funnels that are on the edge as they use identity resolution for the traffic drives to these pages. They are moving into working with mid size and enterprise businesses to increase qualified sales lead generation. They will do it through the use of identity resolution and In Market targeting. Companies that use this service are realizing a reduction in cost of acquisition by as much as 25% and increases in conversion as much as 70%.

Opened in 2018, OMG Marketing aims to serve the business to business community with digital and data marketing strategies that will increase bottom line profits. They gauge their success by the success of their clients. Working with service industry clients and now moving into the B2B realm, OMG Marketing is evolving and becoming a data science company that will dominate the B2B market. Their founder, Michael Kaleikini, is an online influencer and business development consultant. While OMG Marketing is fairly new as a brand, the experience of the team and supporting professionals makes OMG Marketing a solid marketing agency to work with.