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Keynote Speaker
Marie-Elizabeth Telfort M.S.: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo California

Marie-Elizabeth Telfort M.S.

Panel Discussion

About Marie-Elizabeth Telfort M.S.

Passionate about curating once in a lifetime campaigns and experiences, Elizabeth Telfort use her degrees, love of music and “lift as we climb” mentality to continue growing in the professional world. Being raised as a first generation Haitian-American, Telfort brings together her love of bring smiles and new memories that are tied to community and music. Elizabeth's upbringing aided by her resilience and ideology that "No" is the worse thing that anyone can say has brought her into rooms that she couldn't imagine. Starting up with an impromptu internship with C.Luxe Brand Management, she's stacked her resume with PR Girl Manifesto, Epic Records, 300 Entertainment BET Networks, and Berk Communications all while garnering her Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Using her street smarts, book smarts and ability to shoot her career shot effectively has brought many network connections and a full-time position in Marketing at Warner Records.