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Michael Lyjak: Speaking at the Sales Innovation Expo California

Michael Lyjak

Improve Your Digital Marketing Using An Omnichannel Approach

People hate ads, except when they love them. Learn how to execute a well-thought-out strategy that encompasses every aspect of the customer journey with a synergistic and omnichannel approach that leaves your customers satisfied and more likely to become brand ambassadors giving you free marketing in return.

About Michael Lyjak

Michael Lyjak is the owner and founder of Efficiency Marketing, a high-performance PPC management firm that specializes in Google and Facebook Advertising for over 200 brands and $20M+ in advertising spend. For the last 8 years he has worked tirelessly to showcase the true power of paid media influence in small and medium sized brands.

He previously worked as a trainer of Google AdWords for Google directly in vendor operations for new hires in the SMB market. His best-in-class knowledge about Google Ads has helped dozens of small businesses and marketing agencies scale beyond their wildest dreams. He also strongly advocates for the standarization of shorts and t-shirts in the workplace.